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11 March
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John and Rainer






Kristen Bjorn

John has been out of town for several weeks for work and returns home to Rainer’s delight.  Rainer has planned ahead for John’s return and surprises him with his black jock strap.  John releases Rainer’s throbbing cock from the jock strap and begins tonguing his long foreskin.   Rainer has restrained himself for 2 weeks, hot for sex he takes John’s head in his hands and begins fucking his throat.  Rainer then takes John’s hard cock spits and slobbers all over it as he swallows his lover’s cock.   John then bends Rainer over and runs his tongue the full gamete of ass to balls to cock and all over again.   John then teases Rainer’s hole with the head of his cock before he rams his raw cock deep into Rainer’s hot, tight hole.   Rainer loves the feel of John’s hot fleshy cock fucking his ass and then begins punch fucking his hole for a complete sensation up and down his entire shaft.  John then lays down on the counter and Rainer takes full advantage of the opportunity to take his lover’s cock to the hilt.   Rainer rides John’s cock long, hard and deep until John explodes his hot, creamy load before Rainer sucks it all back into his wet ass.   Rainer then squats over John and feeds him his thick load.  This is how you welcome your partner home.

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02 January
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Zach And Willie









Bait Buddies

Willie originally appeared on the site several months ago as the straight guy we turned gay4pay. You might remember that he was so incensed when Caruso suggested he have sex with a dude that he threw a fit and flipped the cocktail table across the floor of the set. Well, when you overspend for the holidays and you’re broke, there aren’t too many places where you can make some fast cash. So, he puts the experience from the prior video shoot behind him and calls Caruso for work. Caruso is shocked that this straight boy would ever come back for more, but he also realizes that the boy is desperate, so he makes this deal ”you’ll have to get fucked – call me back if you still want to do it”. It wasn’t an hour later that the phone rang at the studio and Willie swore to Caruso he would do it and not throw any tantrums. Caruso tells Willie to get himself ready for a fuck by fingering his hole while he jerks off and work up to three fingers before he makes a final date for his shoot. Willie is so desperate that he takes his girlfriends dildo and works up to the full length within two days calls Caruso back. It’s a little sparse as far as models go between Christmas and New Years and since Caruso had little time to do the video, he takes the chance on using Willie as bait and as luck would have it, a new straight dude had just sent in an application and photo – he looked good, so Caruso hired him over the phone. Zach is the new guy and at 5’11” inches of slender, defined muscle, he’s a total contrast to Willie, who is 5’5” with a beefy yet muscular body.  However, they are alike in one way, both are southern boys with a penchant for monster trucks and mud racing. After both boys meet, Caruso asks Zach why he thinks he can do porn. Zach says because girls tell him he’s the best, he ”carves them up”. When asked to explain, he means he fucks them till they can’t walk – hot! Now we’ll see if he can do the same to Willie. When Zach finds out that there’s no girl, given the opportunity, he’s pretty willing to try sex with a dude and initially admits to jacking off with buddies when he was younger.  Caruso tells the boys to start jacking each other off, which Zach is fine with. When they move to blowjobs, it looks to Caruso like this isn’t Zach’s first time.  When asked, Zach admits that he used to suck some buddies’ dicks in middle school after they got drunk.  Caruso says ”I thought you liked pussy” to which Zach replies ”I’m getting a little confused myself”. The boys do some kissing and you can see there’s some sort of chemistry there – they’re not just going through the motions. Next you’ll see Zach fucking Willie long and hard until Willie can no longer tolerate his virgin fuck and says ”take it out”. Both dudes than jack off with Willie cumming first. You’d think this would put young Zach over the edge, but in the end Caruso had to turn the pussy porn back on and jack up the volume so that this hot, young straight boy could shoot his load onto his new buddy’s body. ‘After the Shoot’ Zach admits to having sucked the dick of one of his middle school buddies about a month and half prior to this video when they had been out drinking. Both boys say that pussy is still their first choice, but would be happy to have another dude join in for a threesome with a girl. And, by the way they acted together, we think each would prefer that dude to be the other.

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13 November
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Aymeric Deville and Craig Farell








UK Naked Men

What are two horny ripped studs to do on a summer holiday, when it starts to rain? Craig Farell has been admiring Aymeric Deville’s muscular body and the impressive bulge in his trunks, so when the rain comes it’s a perfect chance to get the boy indoors and peel off the trunks and slurp on his mushroom-headed, uncut cock. Aymeric can’t wait to arch his back and offer up his arse to Craig’s probing fingers, hot tongue and stiff uncut tool. Just watch Aymeric’s mighty, weighty dice swinging as Craig bangs his muscle butt!

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